Change is something that is needed

Posted on May 1, 2010


I don’t see myself as an activist.

Over the years, I just landed at the right place at the right time.

On Thursday afternoon, the season finale of the Pub had representation from the four different NPHC chapters on campus.

The idea of doing this for our season finale was to promote unity and promote the things that each organization do or in other words, has done this school year.

However, beneath the warmth and fun of the show we did, the ugly side of sorority rivalries came out later on after the audio was posted.

For someone to be president of the NPHC on campus, to say backhanded comments about another organization, regardless if it’s on Twitter or Facebook, it shows one thing.

You need to step aside.

Because the goal of a leader is to be a uniter not a divider.

By saying garbage comments about an organization that falls under your umbrella, it shows that you, madam, have no clue on how to lead.

None at all.

Hopefully, as the 2009-10 school year comes to a close and we start school in August, change in the NPHC will come.

It’s the only option.