Harwell taught important lesson

Posted on May 4, 2010


In every major league city, there’s one voice that is always identified with the local team.

St. Louis had Jack Buck, who provided the soundtrack to Missouri summers for 47 years.

The Dodgers have Vin Scully, whose baritone voice has been a part of Dodger baseball for six decades.

And Detroit?

Let’s just say for 42 seasons, one of the greatest voices in baseball was as much a part of Detroit as Belle Tire, Al Kaline, and Big Boy burgers.

That voice was Ernie Harwell.

Mr. Harwell provided the soundtrack to two World Series titles, players like Kaline, Trammell, Whitaker, Fielder, Gibson, and Morris, and all points in between.

To me, his greatest performance was last season when he made his farewell appearance at Comerica Park.

He felt that with his time limited on this earth, he knew that it had to be the time to thank each and every Tiger fan for their support.

Which he did.

He accepted the fact that he was going to see his Lord and Savior and viewed death as a part of life.

Not once did he complain.

I hope when my time is numbered on this earth, I can have the same attitude that Harwell had about morality and making peace with it.

Thank you, Mr. Harwell for teaching us a lifelong lesson.

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