Let’s be honest for a second

Posted on May 4, 2010


In March, I wrote that El Paso and the Conference USA tournament would be a bad idea.

While I got a bunch of positive responses from my friends at MemphisTigers.org, the people in El Paso wasn’t too happy with what I said.

“This guy [referring to me] acts like an arrogant spoiled brat,” a guy by the name of John C., who read my column from March.

This morning, I read what he had to say in defense of the city of El Paso and the Don Haskins Center, saying that it had more championship banners than any other Conference USA school as well as a national championship, which was something that Memphis doesn’t have.

“Take a virtual tour of our facility and maybe you won’t bash El Paso and the Haskins Center,” the second comment from him read.

So I took up on his offer.

Looking at the Haskins Center, built the same year that my parents graduated high school and nine years before I was born, I saw a different picture of what a great basketball facility should be.

Sure, it’s filled with 12,000 screaming fans, but the Haskins Center, if one looked at the exterior of the building, looks as if it was a sterile storefront that was built in the 1970’s.

While I’m sure El Paso is going to make a strong bid for the tournament for 2011, it doesn’t change the fact that their facility do in fact suck.

And if that’s sounding like an arrogant spoiled brat, then excuse me.

You’ll be alright.