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So you want to coach DePaul basketball

March 18, 2010


Quick. Raise your hand if you’re under 30, love college basketball, and can remember when DePaul basketball was actually good. Can’t do it? Neither can I. DePaul basketball in my basic lifetime has had only short periods of greatness with players like Quentin Richardson and Bobby Simmons, guys who made it to the NBA. Not […]

How to survive your night class

January 20, 2010


Last Monday, while many of you who read this column spent your Monday evening celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, yours truly spent four grueling hours in Intro to Sociology, a class that yours truly need in order to become a Christian Brothers alum. During that whole class, I spent a lot of […]

Hug a what day?

November 24, 2009


Thanks again to Felicia Lee for dropping by to talk about Leadership Memphis on today’s show. Only problem was the fact that the episode wasn’t saved to the archives, so you guys have to use your imagination on what we discussed during the hour today. As you know, there’s no show tomorrow, but that doesn’t […]

Searching for Jenn Sterger at the Liberty Bowl

October 11, 2009


Since I became a sports blogger in 2007, I’ve had an opportunity to write about the Conference USA Tournament, the Redbirds’ recent run in the playoffs, Crichton athletics, as well as intramurals here at Christian Brothers University. Not to mention Memphis Tigers football. But last night, I was reminded of why I like to go […]

Exactly what is a be-NOUN-tress and a snow-NOUN-tress???

September 23, 2009


In the South, crazy words and names are everywhere. For example, the neighborhood I grew up in, Orange Mound, was named because there was a collection of osage hedges that were orange, hence the name “Orange Mound”. The road Getwell, located to the east of the Mound, was named because of the old Army hospital […]

Go ham on 'em, Cards

August 18, 2009


What the Yankees are to the American League, the Cardinals and Dodgers are to the National League, storied franchises with a winning tradition. The two franchises are counted for 38 National League championships and 16 World Series titles as well as participants of some of the most thrilling pennant races in the 1940’s, when the […]

Chocolate curse strikes in Atlanta

January 5, 2009


It’s weird that the first column that I will write for the new year will have a focal point on something that I’ve known to be true over the last three years. As some of you may know, during the 2006 baseball season I met a chocolate cutie down at the corner of South Third […]