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Acting is hard work, but worth it

April 18, 2010


I never considered myself to be much of an actor. Fact is, the last major performance I ever did came when I was 9 years old, in 1995 when I was part of a performing arts camp. That performance included people like Willard Pugh from the Color Purple and Ruby Wilson. Fifteen years later, that […]

You gotta love Avery and Hollywood

April 6, 2010


Quick. Name a neighborhood in Memphis that boasts a radio show host, cornhole champions, autographed doors, and a bunch of colorful characters. Can’t name it? That’s because you never heard of Avery and Hollywood. The creaky old complex, which has to predate central air and heat and probably electricity, is not only home to those […]

The center of it all on Central Avenue

January 29, 2010


The reason why Central Avenue is called Central Avenue was because of the land that was once¬†owned by Col. N.M. Trezevant, because it was centrally located between Southern Avenue and Poplar. Of course, the orgin of the name Central Avenue has nothing to do with the street having two successful women’s basketball teams. At the […]

Safe to say, nothing stupid came out of my mouth

January 28, 2010


A long time ago, I asked a rhetorical question to a co-worker after one of my shows. “Do you think I could get the softball coach on the air?” I asked. “Anything is possible,” he said. Well on Wednesday afternoon, Kevin Garnett’s quote after the Boston Celtics won the NBA title in 2008 rang true […]

The feeling's there, but work has to be done

January 24, 2010


If Christian Brothers again want to celebrate another Gulf South Conference title, today’s victory over Henderson State, which pushes the Bucs to 3-2 in the GSC West, is evidence that the Bucs are marching towards another championship to bring to East Parkway South and Central. In today’s game against the Reddies (does anyone know what […]

How to survive your night class

January 20, 2010


Last Monday, while many of you who read this column spent your Monday evening celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, yours truly spent four grueling hours in Intro to Sociology, a class that yours truly need in order to become a Christian Brothers alum. During that whole class, I spent a lot of […]

Basketball is fun again

December 1, 2009


CBU basketball players show off their new Elite Eight rings, November 28, 2009 During the final seconds of Monday’s game against Alabama-Huntsville, Zack Warner was at the free throw line trying to ice the victory. “Act like you’re Albert Pujols,” someone said, “Pujols facing Brad Lidge.” “Albert Pujols?” senior Dylan Heim said to the person. […]