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Do I have an iphone dependency?

April 25, 2010


During the East Regional final between West Virginia and Kentucky, my neighbor asked me a question as I fiddled with my phone. “Do you think for one day you could go without your phone?” she asked me. “Maybe”, I replied, given the fact that I’ve gone periods without my phone since coming to East Parkway […]

Acting is hard work, but worth it

April 18, 2010


I never considered myself to be much of an actor. Fact is, the last major performance I ever did came when I was 9 years old, in 1995 when I was part of a performing arts camp. That performance included people like Willard Pugh from the Color Purple and Ruby Wilson. Fifteen years later, that […]

No fun for the next nine days

April 14, 2010


As much it pains to write this, on the 14th day of April, I have no other choice. Beginning today, yours truly will be as useless to his family and friends as the seldom-seen uncle that shows up to your family reunion drunk every two years. Here’s how the next nine days of my life […]

What am I giving up?

March 28, 2010


Last Sunday, my pastor talked about corporate fasting, which is denying ourselves from something that we enjoy. It was a challenge that my friend Jeffrey took to heart last week when he decided to go a week without listening to music on the radio in his car. Using his denying of music as an example, […]

Happy birthday to me and Ciara

October 25, 2009


There's always sunshine at the end of the tunnel

September 22, 2009


Since 2007, this blog has been a sounding board for my thoughts on Southern culture, especially my two favorite topics, girls and sports. And to say the least, the tone of this blog has been more humorous than serious over the years. But what I had gone through on Saturday and Sunday, is something that showed […]

Yes, Divi, this is a real college

August 27, 2009


During the spring of this year, the only noticeable number that was around North Highland Park was the countdown that was posted on Jessica Divitorrio’s status on Facebook that counted down the days until most of us became former Crichton students. Monday, when classes began at Christian Brothers University, she as well as yours truly […]