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Humbled, but not the same

September 8, 2009


This afternoon I accepted in agreement a position on Christian Brothers University’s newspaper staff as sports columnist, something that I’m pretty excited about since it had always was my dream to write for a great student newspaper, mainly the Daily Helmsman at the University of Memphis where my mom works. While it’s great to write […]

Fake eye injury brought laughs

February 27, 2009


This column ran on April 17, 2008: The blonde, the sportswriter, and a fake eye injury By Doc Hancock For three days, the talk around North Highland Park has not been the baseball team’s win over crosstown rival Christian Brothers nor the possibilty of Andre Allen, who I had a pleasure of interviewing six years ago […]

Loss was part of crazy spring

February 24, 2009


This column originally ran February 29, 2008: Curse Of The Hotties? By Doc Hancock Being a Clemson Tigers football fan, I understand the dynamic of the “Chicken Curse” that has plagued the University of South Carolina for years. But blaming one’s troubles on the pool table, and even the basketball court, on a hottie — wait […]

Maybe people did skip

January 20, 2009


Just left out the student center here at Crichton and to no one’s surprise, the center here is pretty much dead. Hopefully, by the time Obama is sworn in, the center will be up and jumping as well as the song “My President is Black”, which I heard on the way to school.


January 12, 2009


Today is the first day of the spring semester at Crichton, meaning that I am inching closer to being a college graduate by the minute. For the most part, since I was reassigned in a different capacity with basketball, I now work with students in helping them with their financial aid, something I could probably […]

Adversity isn't an excuse, it's motivation

November 21, 2008


If you follow college basketball, you know that last year, the Georgia Bulldogs went from being curious on the fate of their coach Dennis Felton, who was a prime candidate by most to get fired along with John Brady and Jeff Lebo to winning an improbable SEC Tournament title and automatic bid to the NCAA […]